MARS Custom & Recontact Studies

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MARS custom research and analysis can provide brands, publishers and analytic teams with additional patient insights and profiling data based on a client's unique needs.

MARS Recontact Studies

    As media becomes more fragmented and communication more personalized, it is increasingly important to be able to accurately target unique segments of a patient group. By fielding a brand's custom questions to a pre-identified MARS patient group and appending the data to the full MARS database, clients can build deeper insights for analysis and media strategies for their target audiences.

    Segmentation Case Study - Recontact of a brand's existing typing tool: A pharma brand team asked their agency to focus media planning and messaging on two key segments within a condition group that emerged from a prior segmentation study. MARS fielded the segmentation typing tool to a set of qualified MARS respondents and appended the segmentation to the entire MARS study respondent base. The agency received a custom database with segmentation data for marketing and planning.

    Persona Development Case Study - Recontact to develop a set of caregiver personas: A client wanted to develop an awareness campaign among caregivers and loved-ones for a condition that primarily impacts the older population. MARS fielded a custom study to understand awareness of condition symptoms and risk factors, and how people respond to them. Through this custom research and integration with MARS, a set of personas was created to identify the best media and information sources to communicate and build awareness.

MARS Data Modeling & Custom Analysis

    The MARS Doublebase Study includes nearly 40,000 respondents with robust sample across 90+ health conditions. With the existing in-depth data in MARS, we can develop unique profiles and models based on advertiser, media or agency needs.

    Segmentation Bridge Case Study – Coordinating a brand’s segmentation development for agency media planning: A pharma brand was developing a new segmentation with an end goal of overlaying their segments onto MARS for their agency’s marketing strategy and media plans. The research partner for the segmentation coordinated with Kantar to include a few key MARS questions to use as “hooks” in their segmentation study to tie the segments back to the MARS database.

    Consumer Profile Case Study – Patient insights to understand use of media and health information sources across age groups: A pharma client wanted to understand current and potential patient groups as part of their long-term planning strategy. MARS analyzed its Doublebase Study of 40,000 respondents to isolate on key demographics and co-morbidities to help the client understand options for their future marketing strategy. The data was delivered in a PowerPoint deck for the brand team to use in internal and agency discussions.

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