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MARS Segmentations
2020  |  2021

This segmentation profiles consumers based on health behavior and attitudes regarding personal health, relationship with healthcare providers, treatments, prevention activities, and health motivators.

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    Future Prospects (to Experience Poor Health) Healthy Independents (Optimistic Health Outlook) Proactive Patients Poor Health but Follow Doctor's Advice
This segmentation is based on the value consumers place on various healthcare information sources. Channels analyzed for the Sources Valued Segmentation include offline, online, point of care, and point of purchase.

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    Doctor Led (Value Doctors' Opinions) Relevant Right Now (Value Relevant Healthcare Information) Elite Receptives (Open to Most Healthcare Messaging) Engaged Yet Neutral (on Healthcare Ads)
This segmentation scores the adult population on their likelihood to adopt technology to manage health. Inputs for the Health Tech IQ Segmentation include use of the Internet for health purposes, attitudes about health-related mobile apps and wearables (e.g., fitness trackers, wireless blood pressure or heart rate monitors), willingness to visit doctor-recommended websites, use patient portals, or share personal health and fitness data online, etc.

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    Health Tech Adopters Health Tech Moderates Health Tech Challenged