MARS Consumer Health Study

The industry’s most widely used audience planning and profiling currency for healthcare advertising.

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Syndicated market research pioneers in the
healthcare industry

Since 2001, the MARS Consumer Health Study has been the go-to information source for ad agencies, pharmaceutical marketers, and media companies seeking stable and reliable media and healthcare data that is projectable to the U.S. population. No other study provides this level of data and a 360 degree view of your target patient groups.

MARS helps you understand patient audiences and
answers your critical questions.

  • Paint a detailed picture of a patient population
  • Optimize messaging and communication for patient-centric strategies
  • Better understand the complex landscape of OTC and DTC communications
  • Create or replicate brand segmentations and patient profiles
  • Develop multi-channel marketing strategies
  • Build more effective and cost-efficient media plans
  • Reach relevant targets with the right message and creative: Health audience targeting via major programmatic buying platforms

Flexible data access

    MARS data is available to clients via multiple platforms and formats for maximum convenience and utility.
    Data delivery options include:
    • Database access through various third-party services that provide custom software for data analysis or media planning
    • Kantar also offers database access via our Choices cross tabulation software or TGI360 Online, an easy and intuitive web-based analytical tool for exploring data sets and obtaining insights for sales, targeting strategy, and more
    • Custom data tables, reports or dashboards

    Modeling and respondent level data is also available for advanced analytics.

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